Best Eczema Specialist in Ahmedabad

Best Eczema specialist in Ahmedabad
Status Pre-Treatment
Eczema specialist in Ahmedabad
Eczema on Right leg - Before treatment

Eczema Treatment Specialist in Ahmedabad

Looking for the Best Eczema Specialist in Ahmedabad? Look no further than. We have highly qualified experts who can help treat your condition quickly and effectively. ECZEMA means inflammation of the skin. It can be Acute or Chronic. Usually in private practice, we see more cases of chronic eczema . Chronic eczema is characterized by the darkening of the skin. thickening and dryness. Severe itching is the main symptom.

This is the serial follow-up of my patient.

Status after Treatment
Result after Treatment

42 yrs old female patient  with chronic eczema of the lower part of the right leg. Severe itching and pigmentation were present. Anti pruritic drugs and emollients were given. Intralesional injection of Triamcinolone in different  areas of the leg showed fantastic results. Injections were given weekly for 6 weeks. She recovered fully and the pictures taken at every visit are shown here. Her itching was also cured. Pigmentation also reduced but with help of hypopigmenting agents she will recover fully. We at Bodyline Hospital look forward to treating you and providing you with the best treatments at an affordable cost in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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