Cashless Hospitalization

Unexpectedly, an emergency knocks on the door. It is common knowledge that we should always be prepared for adversity, and when it comes to the safety and well-being of our loved ones, our major concern should be to be vigilant and prepared for the repercussions.
Due to a lack of cash, many people find themselves in a state of chaos during a medical emergency. It takes time to gather finances, and the hospitalization requires a certain amount to at least admit the patient, and so the cycle continues. Medical costs, operations, tests, and medications add up to a massive sum that no one can afford. This adds to the mind’s already high level of stress.

So, what should you do to stay out of this mess? What should you do to get assistance? The answer is straightforward: “health insurance.” A health insurance policy protects you from the complexity of health care and assists you in times of need. It’s more like a financial investment in yourself and your family. From the time the patient is in until the time they are discharged, the insurance covers every single medical bill. However, there are two sorts of health insurance:

  1. The first sort of health insurance allows you to pay and then be reimbursed after reviewing your discharge papers.
  2. In the second form of health insurance, the insurance company pays the hospital directly.


Even after receiving health insurance coverage, certain hospitals may request a specified sum, and medical expenses must be paid. Cashless hospitalisation is one such perk of having insurance coverage that allows you to get your expenditures refunded quickly. It eliminates the need to wait for payment by making therapy free of charge. With cashless hospitalization, you don’t have to pay the medical expenses yourself; instead, the firm handles them directly with the hospital. All you have to do now is save the bills for future insurance company inquiries.

One thing to remember is that cashless hospitalization is only offered in select institutions that are affiliated with an insurance provider. Hospitals that are part of a network are referred to as network hospitals. Every insurance provider has a network of hospitals where you can get cashless hospitalization, which means you can get care without paying anything.


  1. You do not need to worry about the expenses and can carry out the treatment without any interruption.
  2. Only non medical expenses are not included in this system and every other expense is included.
  3. Some of the insurance companies provide the advantage of cashless hospitalization even when you are travelling abroad.
  4. You can also claim tax benefits on cashless hospitalization.
  5. Even after the discharge from the hospitals the insurers also provide free medical checkups.

“For convenience and hassle-free hospital experience at Bodyline Hospitals, Ahmedabad, we have tied up with following recognized and Third Party Administrators and Insurance companies of Cashless Hospital”

Third Party Administrators

  •  Health India
  •  Family Health Plan
  •  Bajaj Allianz
  •  E-Meditek
  •  Medicare
  •  ICICI Lombard
  •  Heritage
  •  FHPL
  •  Anmol
  •  Reliance
  •  IFFCO Tokiyo
  •  Apollo Munich
  •  Max Bupa
  •  Future Generally
  •  Medsave
  •  Buppa
  •  Apollo Munich
  •  Universal Sampo
  •  MD India
  •  TTK
  •  Raksha
  •  Vidal
  •  Star Health

Insurance Companies

• New India Insurance
• Oriental Insurance
• Bajaj Allianz Insurance
• IFFCO Tokiyo Insurance
• ICICI Lombard Insurance
• Star Health Insurance
• National Insurance
• Reliance Insurance
• Apollo Munich Insurance
• Universal Sampo Insurance
• United India Insurance
• Future Generally
• Max Bupa Insurance

Mediclaim and Cashless Facilities for All Companies are Available.


  • FCI
  • IPR
  • PRL
  • BSNL

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