best plastic surgery hospital in Ahmedabad

Plastic Surgery Hospital in Ahmedabad

Cosmetic Surgeries to provide the shape you desire

• Liposuction
• Abdominoplasty
• Breast reduction
• Breast augmentation
• Blepheroplasty
• Face lift
• Gynecomastia(Male breast)
• Rhinoplasty
• Fat injection

Congenital anomalies

  •  Melanocytic nevi
  •  Vascular anomalies
  • – Broadly tumors of blood vessels which can be present at birth sometimes as birthmark and later on in life it increases in size
  • – Haemangioma
  • – Vascular malformation Ear deformities correction
  • – Birth defect in which a child is born with the partial ear(microtia) or complete absence of ear

Cancer reconstruction

• Oral cancer is very common cancer,cancer surgeon removes the cancer which leaves defect and defect covered with various plastic surgery techniques
• Other cancer like skin cancer also treated with plastic surgery techniques

Spastic Hand

• Spastic hand –refers to a deformity of the hand that occurs due to cerebral palsy where muscle imbalance occurs-surgery is done to restore muscle balance.

Facio-Maxillary trauma

It deals with
• Management of facial wound following injury, and animal bite
• Management of facial fracture
o – Nose,mandible,maxilla and zygoma fracture
• Temperomandibular joint-related problems
• Various cysts, infection of head and neck area

Diabetic foot

Foot problems like foot ulcer,are very common in diabetes
• These problems can be prevented if early stage and can be treated by appropriate reconstructive surgery

Cleft lip and palate

Cleft lip and palate
• Where lip and palate not developed either one side or both side,
• These can be corrected by plastic surgery techniques

Hand injuries

• Hand is the most commonly injured part of the body
• Hand injury can be cutting of underlying structure such as tendon, nerves and bone which can be repaired and reconstructed
• Fracture repair
• Tendon repair
• Nerve repair
• Nail bed repair


Acute burn management
• Superficial to deep
• Small to a large area
Post-burn problems
• Correction of deformities of various parts of body following burn
• Functional and cosmetic Improvement in burn scar tissue

Scar revision

Surgical and nonsurgical treatment of a variety of scars types caused by burns, injuries, and previous surgery to improve the appearance of scar and minimize visibility

Hand problems

• Carpal tunnel release
• Trigger finger release
• Congenital deformity repair
o – Fused finger
o – Absent finger
o – Extra finger
• Ganglion and tumour removal

Ptosis correction

Ptosis correction-which is drooping of eyelid that obstruct the vision

Surgery for bedsore

Bedsore also called pressure sore condition occurs in individual who have been confined to bed for long time

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