Health Checkup

Health Checkup

A regular health checkup aids in the detection of different health issues that you may be unaware of. If a sickness or condition is identified, the individual is informed of the necessary lifestyle and medication changes. Incorporating these changes, such as workout routines, good eating habits, and necessary protections, provides a plethora of benefits to your future life, thereby enhancing it.
We frequently overlook our emotional and physical well-being. All it takes is a little additional work on our side, and we may achieve good health sooner than we expect.

Health Check Rules

• Please report at 9 am.
• Please come at least 12 hrs fasting before any health check-up. Water can be taken if required.
• Please bring urine and stool sample. Please collect sterile containers for the samples from the laboratory.
• You are advised to wear loose and comfortable clothing. Remove jeweler before coming for the check-up.
• Kindly bring along your medical records for the past three years. Also bring any hearing aids, visual aids like spectacles, or any other aids that you use.
• Additional tests, investigations or consultations can be conducted on request but they will be billed in addition to the cost of your health check package.
• For ladies: The hospitals shall not conduct certain investigations like x-ray in pregnant women, PAP Smear test can not be done during menses.

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