Piles Treatment in Ahmedabad
Piles Treatment in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Piles is a rectal and anal condition/disease also known as “hemorrhoids”. They are of two types, internal and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids or prolapsed hemorrhoids are not felt since they remain in the anal canal. Most often, it is the external hemorrhoids that protrude from the anus that cause pain, itching, and bleeding. In India, at least a million new cases are recorded, every year making it one of the
Pain management clinic in Ahmedabad
What is pain management? Get Rid of Pain at Bodyline Hospital in Ahmedabad. How do you manage pain? This area of medicine has made significant strides, and new management and interventional methods have emerged. With the use of cutting-edge, minimally invasive interventional pain management technology and, occasionally, with the use of the right dosage of medication, it is now simple to identify and treat pain that was before difficult to do so. In 70 to
high-risk pregnancy by Gynecologist at Bodyline Hospital in Ahmedabad
What are the risk factors for a high-risk pregnancy? explained by Dr. Urvashi Shah Gynecologist at Bodyline Hospital in Ahmedabad   A medical issue that existed prior to becoming pregnant can occasionally cause a high-risk pregnancy. In some situations, a pregnancy may become high risk due to a medical problem that manifests itself while you or your unborn child are pregnant. Specifically, the following may increase the chance of high-risk pregnancy: 1.) Maternal age in
best hospital for knee replacement in ahmedabad
Knee Replacement in Ahmedabad | What is the replacement of the knee joint?   In order to replace your kneecap, shinbone, and damaged bone and cartilage, you will need to undergo knee joint replacement surgery. The prosthesis will be made of metal alloys, polymers, and high-grade resins. Surgery can aid in easing pain and regaining functionality in severely injured knee joints. When is it best to get knee replacement surgery? The most frequent factor leading
Urgent care hospital in ahmedabad
ICU Hospital for emergency service in Ahmedabad Our Hospital emergency departments treat all emergency situations, but are specially prepared to treat the most serious injuries and medical situations, including the following: Heart attack/chest pain. Trouble breathing. Stroke/inability to move/sudden paralysis. Loss of consciousness (passing out). Bleeding that can’t be stopped. Broken bones. Large wounds. Head injuries. Severe burns. Poisoning. Seizures. Emotional or mental health emergency. Bodyline hospital emergency rooms are also equipped to provide trauma

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